Take Your Business Further with Content Launchpad

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How Content Marketing Works

You may have heard the phrase “content is king”? When it comes to ranking well for popular search terms this is the case. If your website can host better information that answers more questions that people are asking in your industry, Google will start to recognise your website as an authority. After 18 months of trial and error, we have developed a system that works for Australian business.

Good content is only half the solution. You also need to publish links to your good content on social media, and acquire links back to the content from the wider web. What we discovered is that it is possible for smaller companies to outrank big multinationals for competitive phrases. And in the process, become a larger company! We discovered how the right quantity and quality of links is crucial to the process and where to get them to promote your content. We saw companies see 500% growth in turnover on the back of the Content Launchpad system.

What we found in our 18 month trial was something so unique that we decided to officially launch Content Launchpad as our flagship Business Web Marketing Australia product. If you are a business owner with no time to write articles to your website, share it to social media and then promote it to the wider web, this solution is for you. We carry out those tasks for you, carefully structuring your website in a way that Google can easily recognise and know which pages to rank for groups of keywords.

To find out more about Content Launchapad, talk to us today or visit the Content Launchpad website to see pricing and further details.