Lets Work Together.

So you’re interested in possibly working with us? Great! Let’s find out if your objectives and expectations are a good fit for what we can provide:

You Want a WordPress Site

We build wordpress websites. WordPress is a versatile, powerful and easy to edit platform. We do not currently make websites using other platforms such as Magento or Shopify. If you’re not sure what WordPress is we can explain it to you – you’ll love it.

You Have Time

It is important that you have time to provide us information about your business. If you want a website but don’t have time to provide the nesessary information to make this happen, hold off until you are able to make this time committment.

You Have Clear Direction

It is important that you have a general idea of the direction you want to take for your website. All stakeholders in your business need to be on the same page so we have clear direction for your website project.

You Have a Budget

To build a professional website takes time, dedication, passion and a lot of caffine. The result is a website that is an asset to your business. We ask that you see our service as an investment that you have funds allocated for. We can’t do a quick site for a few hundred dollars or for the promise of future work and produce an effective website.

Your Design is Flexible

If you have an exact pixel by pixel design of how you want your website to look, it may be better for you to work with a custom coder. WordPress can produce almost any look you want, but too many customisations can make it code heavy which can cause issues when it’s time to update. This is not good for you nor us. So it may be better to go with a custom coding solution from the start if you want an exact design. If you are a little flexible with the design, we are confident we can build you something you will love with all the power and flexibility of WordPress.


You Are Flexible with Wording

If you requre us to write articles for your site, we usually research and aggregate the content of your high ranking competitors and look to produce something better. The result is compelling content, full of semantic terms for the Google algorithm to digest and rank you accordingly. Fixing wording here and there is ok – and we understand we will need to so we correctly represent your products and services. But too many changes to the content can affect the content writing and search engine optimisation process. So if you are quite particular with wording, you may want to provide us with 100% of the content from the start. – It will make for a far more effective and efficient website build process.

Still with us? Great. Hit the button below to tell us about your project: