Ducted Air Perth & Infiniti Air

Ducted Air Perth & Infiniti Air

Mike from Ducted Air Perth rung us in the middle of winter and asked us to simply “make his phone ring”. He was half way through a cheap overseas website build which had stalled. We took the project on and got his web presence established.

The Website

The website we made was designed to convert visitors into leads. We made it simple and to the point, focusing on his main target of premium Australian designed Actron Air Conditioners.


Ongoing SEO & Content Marketing

Once the site was built we carried out ongoing SEO and Content Marketing for Ducted Air Perth. The website started to rank for a range of keywords including the Actron Air target keywords. The value of the traffic started to rise (based on SEMRush Metrics), which is a great way to measure truly valuable traffic of a website. Traffic really started to rise about 9 months after the website build.



12 months after the initial build, Ducted Air Perth was ranking for some highly competitive keywords:

“air conditioning perth”
“ducted air conditioning perth”
“actron air”
“actron air perth”

Huge ROI

The extra traffic to the website contributed to 500% growth for the company. As a result they rebranded and expanded as a company.

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