FCF National

FCF National

FCF National are a national fire safety company who joined with us in the middle of 2015. The brief was to rebuild their website so that it effectively communicated the company’s core services of fire safety. As a national company it was important to position the company as an Australian wide fire safety company.

The Website & Social Channels

The FCF National website was delivered within 4 weeks. The website focused on promoting the company as a national brand. Accompanying social media channels were developed and optimised. This included a company Linked In page which is particularly effective for business to business services such as that offered by FCF National. Elements were added to the website to ensure it was portrayed as a highly approachable, Australian owned and operated company.



SEO & Content Marketing

Once the website was built we continued with Search Engine Optimisation and Content Marketing services for the company. Monthly articles were published to the website and shared out to the social media channels. 12 months after the website build the website ranks for a number of keywords right across Australia. Regular enquiries now come through the website with a number of these enquiries from national companies and a potentially huge life time value for the company.

Part of our content marketing process is to research competitor’s organic traffic sources and overtake them by producingĀ better content. We repeated this process every month for FCF National and the result was they now have a leading online presence amongst Australian national Fire Safety companies. Below is the graph of the growth after the site was built in July 15. As you can see from the graph it can take 12-18 months to really start seeing results with SEO and Content Marketing. The benefit is that the company now is established as an authority online in the Australian fire safety industry.

content marketing results


FCF National ranks for a number of important keywords right across Australia as a result of our web design, SEO and Content Marketing services. Some of these keywords include:

“fire extinguishers”
“fire extinguisher types”
“dry chemical fire extinguisher”
“carbon dioxide fire extinguisher”
“as 1851”
“fire extinguisher chart”
“electrical franchise”

The company is continuing to grow with franchises now in most Australian capital cities andĀ numerous rural locations.

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