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Select Security

The Select Security website was in need of an update. It required new content to be added to the site in line with the new products and services it delivered. The website was already ranking for a number of keywords which brought income and leads to the business. It was important that as the website was updated it didn’t loose rankings for the important keywords that brought income to the business.

The Website

The website was completely updated with a new design and content added. It was made responsive and ensured that it loaded fast and was optimised for a range of target keywords. It also had clear call to action buttons built into the website to funnel visitors to a contact form. A blog was integrated into the homepage so that future content could be added to the site.



SEO Work

Ongoing monthly SEO work was carried out for the site. This resulted in the website retaining the keywords it previously ranked for and also gaining many more new keywords it ranked for. Here is a chart which shows the history of keyword rankings for the website. It shows how the website had some rankings growth in January 2013 before dropping off to virtually no keywords. We rebuilt the site in Jan 2016 and the keyword growth in the site can be seen as a result of the update:



The website has retained its rankings for the keywords it was ranking for prior to the update including:

“alarm repairs perth”
“alarm service perth”

The new keywords the site is ranking for is bringing in qualified leads for valuable installation work. These keywords include:

“cctv perth”
“alarm systems”
“cctv cameras”
“alarm systems perth”



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January 3, 2016

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