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Effective web design is both visually amazing and easily indexed by the search engines. We aim to balance the two worlds of design and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). We make sure that your site looks amazing to your visitors, but its also Search Engine friendly so they know exactly what you’re about and can rank you accordingly. A website that is optimised for visitors and optimised for search engines is the key to online success.


To Optimise Your Website for Visitors, We Ensure Your Website:

Loads Fast

When it comes to good user experience, site speed is huge. You are loosing visitors every second your site takes to load. That’s why we use premium dedicated servers and premium wordpress caching plugins to power the websites we build.

Looks Professional

There is a big difference between a professionally designed website and an amateur design. Your visitors will know the difference and make a value judgement about your business. We build your business credibility with clean, professional design.


Is Responsive

More people will visit your website from a smart phone than a laptop or computer. That’s what the stats are telling us and that’s why google’s primary ranking algorithm is now mobile based. Websites need to work well on any screen


Provides Informative Content

We aim to build a website for you that provides your visitors with informative, relevant content. This not only improves user engagement, it also builds trust and positions your business as an online authority.

Is Simple & Clear

We make websites that cut through the noise and provide simple, clear actions for your visitors to take. We have learnt that too many decisions lead to indecision. We build a clear course of action for your visitors.

I want to thank Business Web Marketing for their outstanding work. Their customer service is outstanding I couldn’t ask for more.

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The second part of our approach to web design is optimising your site for Search Engines. We build a number of features into the back end of your website so that it is easily crawlable by search engines. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) covers a range of tasks for both your website (onsite SEO) and on the wider web (offsite SEO). When we build your website we ensure your onsite SEO is strong and ready for future offsite SEO work. To find out more about offsite SEO, see our SEO Packages.


Our Onsite Search Engine Optimisation Includes:

Site Structure

We provide the search engines with a clear site structure so they know exactly which pages to crawl. We submit the correct pages within your site to google to maximise your chances of ranking (getting to the first page of search results) for a broad range of terms.


We make sure that the google bots can correctly crawl your site and there is no blocked resources which inhibit them. Many websites contain extra scripts and code which are not google bot friendly. As a result their websites are only partially crawled.


Schema Markup

Where possible we add schema code into your website. Schema code is information about your website which enables search engines to better understand your site. For example, your business address, opening hours, business description etc.


Meta Tags

When you search in google, you will see a range of website titles and descriptions appear in the search results. These are determined by the meta tags within the website. Correctly configured meta tags are an essential part of a well optimised website.


Keyword Targeted Pages

Each page within your website we aim to target a group of keywords that your potential customers are searching for. We have a range of tools and techniques we use to determine the best words and phrases to use within the site for a given set of keywords.